March 17, 2021

Building any cabin in the Canadian Shield has more than it’s fair share of challenges, especially when you’re working on an island property. So how do we keep on top of our projects through every season? With some can’t-fail construction tech of course!

During the summer, most of the equipment needed on an island build would be delivered by boat or barge. But what about in the winter? In fact, ice roads can actually make construction much easier. These roads are plowed by large, shovel-wielding trucks that help clear the snow, allowing for a thick sheet of ice capable of sustaining traffic to and from a build site.

But what about the freeze up and thaw seasons where the risk of damaging the boats’ hulls is too high, or when the ice is too weak to safely drive on? Luckily, we’re able avoid long delays with our airboat, which skims across the surface of the water and allows us to safely transport crew and materials.

And when we’re dealing with material too heavy or unwieldy for any of these options, it’s time for us to call in the air support.

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