June 28, 2021

There are many methods for building a cabin, and all have distinct advantages and draw backs. Today we’re focusing on the equally rustic and majestic log cabin.

The visual appeal of log cabins is obvious. In addition, the massive logs are energy efficient enough that they don’t require insulation, let along siding or drywall. They’re also incredibly resilient, often withstanding natural disasters and hundreds of years of weathering.

On top of all that, a log home is surprisingly easy to build. Many log homes are cut and pre-fitted by the supplier before they’re sent to the site!

Even a magnificent log home has some drawbacks however. Though the build can come together rather quickly, a log home is still one of your most expensive options. It’s one unfortunate reality that lends to log homes being so unique on Lake of the Woods.

Once constructed a log cabin or cottage needs to “settle.” As the timbers dry out and shrink, the fit of the logs is compromised, and it’s up to the owner to get them back in place. There may also be some challenges in electrical or plumbing, as log cabins lack the exterior walls where pipes or wires normally go.

Even with all of the positives and negatives on the table, a log cabin build comes down to one simple fact- with its unique and timeless aesthetic, no one on the lake will have a cabin like yours.

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