Cabin Kitchen Design: Stone Countertops

July 31, 2021

A luxury cabin always comes down to the details. When it comes to the kitchen, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind stone countertop is always at the top of a client’s wish list.

Far and away the most popular finish in a luxury kitchen is a granite countertop. However, quartz countertops are steadily gaining popularity as a resilient and beautiful alternative.

One of the appeals of granite (above) is that it is a completely natural product. Because of this, every slab is completely unique. On top of its beauty, granite is a much sturdier product compared to cheaper alternatives like butcher’s block. Granite can be extremely costly because of the effort it takes to cut and ship- especially if you’re importing premium material from Europe or South America.

Quartz (above), is an engineered product made from granite. While you won’t find naturally occurring patterns in quartz, it does mean that it’s much more customizable when it comes to designing your kitchen. As an engineered product, quartz is also an easier product to source. It runs the gamut from slightly more affordable than granite to just as expensive (if not more).

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