Cabin Kitchen Design: The Farmhouse Sink

July 31, 2021

Building a dream home is a tricky business, and a dream cabin can be even trickier. Most clients are looking for high end finishes without losing that rustic, warm quality. A great feature that brings the best of both worlds is the timeless farmhouse sink.

Although their popularity is on the rise, farmhouse sinks have been a staple for generations. The classic porcelain style (above) adds a rustic, welcoming vibe to any kitchen.

Looking to push that simplicity even further? A cement cast farmhouse sink isn’t just raw and durable , it’s also more affordable.

Looking for something trending in a more modern direction? A steel farmhouse sink keeps the industrial theme, but with a distinctly updated aesthetic. While this can be more expensive than a traditional or cement farmhouse, this sink is essentially a practical piece of art for your kitchen.

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