Make Your Cabin A Winter Wonderland

February 15, 2024

Not every cabin in the Lake of the Woods region is built for winter escapes. However, you could be missing out on a piece of paradise by not turning your slice of heaven into a four season retreat.

Viewtiful Cliff Cabin

Ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, ice skating, and hikes across the frozen lake are just a few ways to spend time in snowy, peaceful Lkake of the Woods. In one of our client’s cabins they even had us helicopter a hot tub onto the deck of their cliffside retreat!  It makes the most of its expansive views and economic footprint to create a cozy, four season space.


Paradise on the Point

Other clients prefer to cozy up by a fire inside, and watch the snow fall from a safe distance. Home theatres, yawning fireplaces, and plenty of space for games nights are highlights of many four season escapes.

Mountain Lodge

So whether you’re hiking the shoreline or sitting back with a cup of hot chocolate, it’s never too late to spend a weekend on Lake of the Woods!

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