Opening Weekend Advice For Decks and Boathouses

April 27, 2021

This year’s re-opening on Lake of the Woods may present a few extra challenges for out of province cabin-goers, but that makes your first weekend of repair and safety checks even more vital. Is there a way you can avoid most of these headaches altogether when building or renovating your dream cabin?

Winters in the Canadian Shield are no joke, often warping, damaging or outright destroying property when the ice sets in. 

With a solidly constructed boathouse, most of those concerns will be washed away, even by the time spring rolls around. Building a solid concrete or steel foundation will be too strong for most weather to create any major, lasting damage, and if your boathouse has lifts, you can protect your boats without having to pay for winter storage.

Similarly, most docking solutions are designed with winter flexibility in mind, with docks that are either on rails or are full detachable so the monumental power of a freeze can’t use their own rigidity to bend or snap them.

Building and maintaining a cabin doesn’t have to be a headache. If you find any problems on your waterfront this May spring that can’t be fixed with a couple two-by-fours (and maybe a cocktail at happy hour) it might be time to invest in some more modern solutions to save on time, money, and your own sanity.

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