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Fire Starters: Framed Fireplaces

March 31, 2022

As we've previously explored, a cozy hearth is an essential part of any Lake of the Woods cabin. A framed fireplace offers you the same eye-catching centerpi... Read More

Fire Starters: Tulikivi

March 29, 2022

As we've explored with masonry fireplaces, nothing beats a welcoming hearth ... Read More

Fire Starters: Masonry Fireplaces

February 28, 2022

It's been a cold, snowy winter, and the best cure is a night by the fire. Whether you're relaxing with a drink after a day of snowmobiling, or curling up on ... Read More

Design Diary: Front Entries

February 26, 2022

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Design Diary: Kitchens and Coffee Nooks

January 21, 2022

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Staying Fit At The Cabin

January 10, 2022

For the last two years, home fitness has been more important than ever. Just because you escape to the cabin doesn't mean you can escape your fitness routine... Read More

Cheers To The New Year With A Unique Cabin Bar!

December 31, 2021

New Years is upon us, and it's time to raise a glass to the year ahead. If you're celebrating at the lake, a dedicated bar can make hosting that much easier.... Read More

Creating A Four Season Escape

December 30, 2021

While gathering in the city might still be a challenge, remote work or weekends at the cabin have never been more appealing. A four season cabin is the best ... Read More

JOB OPPS: Black Fox Construction!

November 30, 2021

There's a new year around the corner, are you ready for a big change? Black Fox Construction is a luxury cabin builder in the Kenora and Sioux Narrows area c... Read More

Preparing For Winter On LOTW

Some cabin owners have already closed up for the winter. Others are hunkering down for a season of fires and exploring the icy outdoors. No matter what camp ... Read More

Now Hiring For Our LOTW Dream Team!

November 1, 2021

Ready to work? Black Fox Construction is a luxury cabin builder in the Kenora and Sioux Narrows area currently hiring for all positions and skill levels. Che... Read More

High End Amenities: Barrel Saunas

October 28, 2021

Looking to spend even more time at your cabin, even as the weather changes? One of the hottest additions for cabin owners is a state-of-the-art, outdoor barr... Read More

Turning Up Your Cabin’s Off Season

October 27, 2021

In a year where solitude and safety come hand-in-hand, having a lakeside retreat that can be used through the fall and winter is more important than ever.  ... Read More

Winter Spas On LOTW

September 29, 2021

Autumn is upon us! For those with three or four season cabins, there are plenty of ways to spend time year round in the great outdoors. Here are a few top-of... Read More

Trail Landscaping For Your Cabin

August 31, 2021

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Cabin Kitchen Design: Open Concept

August 28, 2021

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Cabin Kitchen Design: Kitchens & Coffee Bars

August 27, 2021

While it's easy to take any house for granted, any given room is full of limitless design choices and possibilities.  Thanks to one of our collaborators at ... Read More

Cabin Kitchen Design: The Farmhouse Sink

July 31, 2021

Building a dream home is a tricky business, and a dream cabin can be even trickier. Most clients are looking for high end finishes without losing that rustic... Read More

Cabin Kitchen Design: Stone Countertops

A luxury cabin always comes down to the details. When it comes to the kitchen, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind stone countertop is always at the top of a client's... Read More

Becoming A Host With The Most!

July 29, 2021

Summer in full swing and (safely) hosting weekend guests in a reality once more. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize your guests' comfort, no matter h... Read More

Beat The Heat With Smart Thermostats!

June 30, 2021

Summer temperatures are skyrocketing, and you need a way to make sure your electricity bill isn't doing the same.  Keep your energy costs down and monitor y... Read More

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June 28, 2021

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Canada Day Views

June 27, 2021

Canada Day is nearly here, and it's never been a better time to escape to the cabin. Whether ... Read More
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Fire Pit: A Hot Start To The Summer

June 1, 2021

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May 29, 2021

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Longbow Beach House: Guest Cabin

May 4, 2021

While our main cabin and sweeping mas... Read More

Your Own Private Beach: The Longbow Beach House

April 30, 2021

There's a lot to love about our most ... Read More

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CABIN FOR SALE: Luxury Beachhouse on Longbow Lake!

April 28, 2021

Escaping the city has never been more important. With Read More

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Opening Weekend Advice For Decks and Boathouses

April 27, 2021

This year's re-opening on Lake of the Woods may present a few extra challenges for out of province cabin-goers, but that makes your first weekend of repair a... Read More

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March 17, 2021

No matter the size or price point, a cabin should be your happy place. Over the past few years, there's been no more architectural cabin style more popular t... Read More

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Cabin season is nearly upon us. Don't get caught spending your summer in the city when our fully renovated dream cabin has everything you need to escape to t... Read More

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Building any cabin in the Canadian Shield has more than it's fair share of challenges, especially when you're working on an island property. So how do we kee... Read More

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December 30, 2020

At Black Fox, being on the lake isn't... Read More

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Build Spotlight: The Vista Boathouse

December 27, 2020

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Boulder Beach House: BBQ Deck

November 28, 2020

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Boulder Beach House: Innovative Outdoor Sauna

November 27, 2020

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Hot Tech For A Winter on LOTW

October 31, 2020

As the temperature continues to drop in northwestern Ontario, it'... Read More

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Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

November 19, 2019

With the holidays coming up, your four season cabin can soon be the winterized wonderland that you've always dreamed of- especi... Read More

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Cozy Up In A Four Season Cabin!

October 19, 2019

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Avoid Winterizing Woes On The Lake

September 19, 2019

With summer in the rearview, soon only the four  it'll only be the four season cottagers left on the lake. Whether you summer ... Read More